Apartment Living With Pets 101

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We won’t lie to you, living with pets in an apartment can be a ruff adjustment, we will also tell you that it is very worth is to be able to live with your best furry friend! Here at Arcadia Run, all of our brand new apartments are pet-friendly so if you are moving into your first apartment or even moving from a single-family home, you can bring Winston with you! Take a look at our advice and tips for living in an apartment community with your pet!


Give them their own spot

Even if your new apartment home at Arcadia Run is not the definition of tight quarters, there is still limited space for pets to be sleeping, eating, and running around. Set up a corner or area in your apartment home that is just for your pet! With Pinterest at the ready, there are so many ways that you can create a little pet oasis that is functional, but still visually appealing.


Make friends

Living in an apartment community gives you the opportunity to not only make new friends for yourself, but for your pet too! There are many residents here at Arcadia Run who also have loving pets that need company, so the next time you see another resident walking their dog, say hello and set up a doggie play date.


Give them plenty of exercise

Although our apartments are spacious enough to live with pets, they still need plenty of exercise. Not only does this mean going outside, but also playing, walking, running, and any kind of movement! With open grassy areas and winding sidewalk paths throughout our apartment home community, there is space to get in plenty of exercise for your pet each day.


Take them outside as much as possible

Pets need lots and lots of exercise to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, but they are also animals and need to be able to get fresh air and roam free (on a leash). To keep your pets at their best, take them outside even more than you think they need to be. This will keep your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.


Get into a routine

As creatures of habit, pets can quickly learn a routine that works ideally for your busy schedule. Take them outside similar times each day, feed them at similar times each day, and use actions or signals to declare a time of the day like bedtime. The most accustomed your pet is to a routine, the happier they will be living here in Arcadia Run. They will be less stressed and nervous about getting everything they need for a great life.


See? This doesn’t sound so bad does it! Don’t forget to ask all of our residents here at Arcadia Run how their pets like living the good life. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment community, this could be the one for you!

Tips for Entertaining In a Home With Pets

Our wonderful apartment homes at Arcadia Run are the perfect place to entertain family and friends with open floor plans, upgraded kitchens, and plenty of space. If you have chosen to move into a brand new apartment home with your pet, it can sometimes be tricky to entertain guests with Fido running around. If you’re planning on entertaining in your apartment home soon, we’ve come up with some helpful tips and ideas for entertaining with pets around!

Plan Ahead       

Whether you are just having one or two friends over for dinner, or hosting a children’s playgroup, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Find out if anyone coming over has pet allergies, and see what you can do to help them be more comfortable when they arrive. If you are having children over, speak with their parents and see if anyone is scared of animals, especially larger dogs.


When you’re around your pets constantly, you may become nose blind to some of the smells that accompany them. Be sure to vacuum up any pet hair from the floors and furniture, and clean out any litter boxes for cats. Using an air freshener or odor-eliminating spray can also help to remove any pet odors in your home.

Safe Space

Creating a quiet and safe space for your pet is important when having a larger gathering in your apartment home. Some animals can get overwhelmed with a lot of people in the home, so for situations like this, put animals in a room furthest from the gathering. Give your pet something to keep them occupied, turn on the TV to drown out the noise, and make sure your pets have food and water available. Many pets find a crate or bed comforting, so feel free to place one in the room with the door open, giving your pet the option to use it if they so desire.

Inform Guests 

If your pet is in a separate room from the gathering, it is important that your guests know where they are kept during the party and what door not to open. There is always a possibility that a guest will want to meet your furry friend, so it is important to warn them if your dog might jump out of excitement. This information can help prevent anyone from being surprised by an unexpected reaction from your pet.


A dog should be given an appropriate but generous amount of exercise before any event in your apartment. A well-exercised dog is more likely to behave and stay calm throughout any event, so while you’re out for your daily walk, throw the ball more than usual or turn the walk into a run.

Theses five tips are just a few of the many that can help you better entertain your guests in your Arcadia Run apartment home! Implementing these tips into your party routine will ensure that everyone has a good time, especially your pets. Reduce their stress and yours just by planning ahead!

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