De-Stress Your Move With These Helpful Tips!

Moving into a newly built apartment with Arcadia Run?  Welcome to the neighborhood! We’re so excited to see more happy tenants enjoying all that Arcadia Run and surrounding Manassas, Virginia has to offer.

But, we know the stress from the actual move sometimes puts a damper on the whole  experience.  So here are a few of our best moving tips to help make your transition to Arcadia Run a breeze!

Color Coordinate

Behold, the power of color coordination!  Organizing your boxes by their contents alone can get tricky, so instead, organize them by room.  All the living room items in one box, all the kitchen items in another and so on.  Make sure to assign each room a color and mark the boxes with the coordinating color.  When it comes to physically carrying the boxes inside, it’ll be easy to place them where they belong and continue the moving process.

Pack Strategically

After moving all of your belongings to your new space, it might be a few days before you can actually sort through and arrange everything to your liking.  For this reason, it’s important to pack your everyday items, like toiletries and clothing, in a place that’s easy to access.  This way, you’ll be able to live comfortably until you’re completely settled in.

Keep a Task List

In general, it’s always a good idea to keep a checklist of all the things that need to be done before, during and after your move.  It can be difficult to keep track of all the different things that need to be done, and in which order.  Most importantly, make sure to follow through with even the tiniest of tasks.  Scrambling to file paperwork with the local post office last minute could add unwanted stress to the moving process.

Good Will

When packing up your belongings, you might find you have several items that you no longer use or need.  So why not save yourself some time and donate or sell them before packing up and moving?  You’ll find moving much easier with less boxes to lug around!

Do you have any moving tips or routines of your own?  Share them with us on Facebook,  we’d love to hear how all of our residents make their move to Arcadia Run the fun experience we know it to be!

Spotlight On: Education in Manassas (Part I)

When deciding between homes, a major factor for some families are the condition and caliber of schools in the area. However, this is not an issue for residents of Arcadia Run as the development is located in Manassas, VA—a city in the Brentsville School District which is part of the Prince William County School (PWCS) System. In addition to the local public school offerings, Manassas is also home to a number of private institutions. 

Prince William County was recently named one of the Nation’s 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance. This title was awarded to Prince William County as it offers a wide array of educational options ranging from preschool and kindergarden, to high school and college.

The Prince William County School System educates 83,802 students annually in 93 locations across the county. Though the county is rather large, all 10 of PWCS’s high schools continue to be ranked in the top 7% of 27,000 high schools nationwide according to Newsweek and The Washington Post. Each PWCS high school offers specialty programs that are open to students across the county, regardless of their district. PWCS have received the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence three years in a row, in addition to 40 of their schools named Schools of Excellence and leading the nation in the implementation and use of technology in schools—receiving a top-ten ranking for four years in a row. A number of individuals on the PWCS staff have been awarded a number of honors including a principle who received The Washington Post 2013 Distingushed Educational Leadership Award and a teacher who received The Washington Post 2013 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award.

In addition to the aforementioned academic awards, 66 PWCS have earned the Governor’s Award for Nutrition and Fitness in 2012. This award honors and rewards schools that encourage healthy habits and implement best practices in physical activity, nutrition and overall health. Through promoting student health by encouraging healthy habits and providing healthy breakfast, lunch and vending machine options in schools. PWCS creates healthy environments in their schools and educates their students on the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle—essential life skills for any successful student.

Not only does Prince William County have award-winning public schools, but it is also home to 49 private schools with over 5,000 enrolled students. Of these 49 Prince William County private schools, 49% of them are religiously affiliated. According to Northern Virginia Magazine, The Top Private Elementary Schools in Manassas include two Christian schools—Emmanuel Christian School and Manassas Christian School and All Saints Catholic School. One of All Saints Catholic School’s teachers recently received the 2014 “Distinguished Leader Award” from the National Catholic Education Association, and in 2010 was recognize as a top school in the state of Virginia by the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.

The high caliber of education offered in Prince William County is just one more reason why choosing a new apartment home at Arcadia Run has been the clear choice for so many families. Check out Arcadia Run’s apartment listings today!