Be a Tourist In Your Own Town!

If you’re new to Arcadia Run and Manassas, Virginia, then you’ll love the idea of being a tourist in your new hometown. What better way to fully explore and enjoy this wonderful place you now call home? In fact, even if you’ve been in the area for a while, it’ll still be fun to hit all the most popular places in Manassas!

According to Apartment Guide, here are a few ways you can get to know your city like a true tourist:

Start Small

With all there is to do in Manassas and the surrounding area, it might be overwhelming to try and tackle it all in one day (if not impossible!). If you’ve just settled in your new apartment home at Arcadia Run, we suggest taking a stroll around the community to familiarize yourself with the amenities, walking trails, and your new neighbors. Use this time to seek out where you’ll go grocery shopping, any restaurants you’ll frequent or even parks you’ll want to enjoy a picnic in.

Utilize Maps, Guidebooks and Brochures

Now that you’re familiar with the Arcadia Run community, it’s time to really be a tourist. Head to the Manassas Visitor Center to pick up a few brochures and guidebooks. You’ll also find helpful information here about the Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express commuter trains.

Take Tours

While sifting through your brochures, keep an eye out for any guided tours through parks, or even Historic Manassas, that pique your interest. The Manassas National Battlefield Park offers several walking tours and the Manassas Museum even hosts monthly bike tours.

Visit Attractions

Whether you go on a guided tour or venture off on your own, visit all the notable attractions Manassas is known for. With several landmarks and historical buildings scattered throughout town, you’ll find a gem around every corner. Take a look at this Yelp page to see a list of attractions in Manassas.

With town-wide events, farmer’s markets throughout the summer months, and an endless list of things to do, Manassas is certainly a town you’ll love living in. And what could make living in Manassas even better? Living in a new modern apartment at Arcadia Run!  Check out our latest floorplans available to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Source: Apartment Guide

Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

There has been plenty of buzz around the benefits of having plants in your apartment or home.  As natural air purifiers, plants can bring a refreshing ambiance to any space.  And, with the amount of natural light in our new apartments at Arcadia Run, any sun-loving plant is sure to thrive.

Here are a few of our favorite indoor plants that add a little greenery to your new apartment home. And, if you furry friend is joining you at Arcadia Run, we’ve also noted whether or not a plant is safe for pets!

English Ivy

English Ivy is a beautiful plant and when cared for correctly, can grow into a dramatic, cascading centerpiece.  It looks great when placed in a hanging planter or displayed on a pedestal.  It’s adaptable to different locations and also helps filter your air.  English Ivy is in fact toxic to pets, so be sure to keep at a safe distance.

Aloe Vera / Succulents

While you may recognize Aloe for its soothing qualities, the term ‘succulent’ is lesser known.  Succulents are typically fleshy plants, like cactus or aloe, that require very little water and maintenance. Their easy-to-care-for qualities make them a great choice for busy professionals. And, while most succulents are safe for pets, Aloe is not.



Snake Plant

Don’t be alarmed by the name, these plants are quite friendly and easy to care for. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, helping to make your apartment feel its absolute freshest! While a snake plant is great for your apartment, it’s not great for pets.  So be sure to keep in a safe spot, or choose another plant!

Mini Herb Garden

Maintaining a mini herb garden is a wonderful way to incorporate some green in your apartment, especially if you love to cook.  Nothing is better than having fresh herbs nearby by for seasoning or garnish.  Parsley, Greek Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Lemonbalm, Sage and Thyme are all pet-friendly herbs.


Christmas Cactus

Lastly, if you want a little extra brightness come winter, a Christmas Cactus is a wonderful choice.  Green year-round, this plants blossoms with brilliant flowers mid-December. They are easy to maintain and are safe for both cats and dogs!


Source: Huffington Post, Apartment Guide, Better Homes Guide, ASPCA

How Off-Season Apartment Hunting Can Benefit Renters

It’s true – many renters believe there is an ‘off’ and ‘on’ season when it comes to finding a new apartment to call home. And while that’s true to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘off’ season isn’t the time to land that dream apartment.

The winter months are typically considered the ‘off-season’, and believe it or not, there are several benefits to apartment shopping this time of year!

Less Competition:

When searching for a new apartment home during the winter, when most of your fellow renters aren’t, much of the competition that’s present during the spring and summer is eliminated. Less competition in general gives you a better chance of finding that perfect apartment!

Less Pressure:

And, with fewer renters hitting the market, there will be less pressure to move quickly. While an opportunity might not last forever, you could have a little more breathing room and the luxury to take your time. But believe us, once you see our new apartments at Arcadia Run, you won’t want to waste another minute searching anywhere else!

Better Selection:

Also because of reduced competition, renters may find they have more selection when it comes to choosing their next space. Here at Arcadia Run, we take great pride in offering several apartment home floor plans, giving our tenants the best variety any season of the year!

Get In Early:

Come spring, when other tenants are just starting their search, you’ll already be comfortably living in the apartment community of your choice! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Truly, any time of the year has its own benefits when apartment hunting, but not all as unique as the winter. So take advantage of the season and choose a new apartment home at Arcadia Run. Phase 2 of our community is now leasing, offering tenants with an incredible selection of newly built, luxury apartments.

Get used to getting more with Arcadia Run – granite countertops, luxury ‘hardwood’ vinyl flooring, upgraded kitchen appliances, extended windows, plans for outstanding community amenities and so much more!

Bring the Holidays To Your Luxury Apartment Home at Arcadia Run

Decorating your space for the holidays is so much more fun when living in a newly built, luxury apartment at Arcadia Run.  Bright, open rooms with plenty of natural light lend themselves to all types of decorations, allowing you to have the Pinterest-worthy  you dream of.

Speaking of all that natural light, why not use decorations that will really glimmer when hit with the sun? This year, metallic silvers and golds are popular and easy to find.  They’re also ideal for just about every holiday imaginable and can be carried over into New Year’s celebrations.  Who doesn’t love a versatile decoration?

If you want to decorate your apartment to the nines, but don’t feel like sacrificing space for a tree or extra holiday feature, then table décor may be your answer!  A menorah or tiny Christmas tree look great on a festive table.  But if you really want to have that tall tree, you can always opt for a half-tree or quarter-sized tree available at various craft stores.  Half the size but all the cheer!

When most people think of garland, their mind jumps to the natural evergreen that both looks and smells great.  And while natural evergreen is a classic choice, it’s not for everyone.  DIY garland made with sparkly tassels, colorful yarns, dried fruit and endless other options look great in any apartment – garland goes a long way with minimal effort!

Want even more coziness in your luxury space?  Go ahead and bring the smells of the season right into your apartment home.  With seasonal potpourri, star anise and cinnamon, along with a kitchen busy with the tastiest treats, filling your home with the nostalgic scents of the holidays is so easy to do.

This time of year, we get inundated with holiday cards from our friends and family.  A great way to display these is to hang them on a ribbon or arrange them in a wreath – great for decoration and to adore all those you love.

What’s on your apartment wish list this holiday season?  Whichever it might be, Arcadia Run delivers!  With granite countertops, extended windows, upgraded kitchen appliances, luxury vinyl flooring, and Phase 2 now offering even more floor plans to potential residents, we’ve got it all!

Cozy Apartment Trends This Winter

When the temperatures drop, it’s a great excuse to cozy up and stay warm inside your new luxury apartment at Arcadia Run.  And we can’t blame you!  With high-quality carpeting, a beautifully designed kitchen perfect for cooking up your favorite seasonal treats, energy efficient windows keeping your space warm, and plenty of room to bring in comfy furniture, a night indoors certainly looks appealing.

This fall and winter, there are several trends with staying power that are so much fun to incorporate in a new apartment home.  Here are a few of our favorites!

False Candles

False candles are the ideal solution for those who want the glowing feel of lit candles, but without the fire risk they present.  With incredibly realistic products available, the difference will barely be noticeable.  Arrange candles of different heights like this for a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

Shag Rug

Yes, you read that correctly, shag is making a comeback!  And we’re sure glad it is, because it can bring a whole new level of warmth-under-foot to any apartment.  Many retailers out there are now selling eye-catching designs at reasonable prices, making this a great option for any resident.  Take a look at this rug we pinned – how cool!

Plenty of Pillows

Don’t be afraid to bring in several pillows to adorn your couch, chairs or bed.  Pillows are not only great for tying home décor themes together, but also for curling up to watch a movie.  Incorporating different designs and colors like this is a popular trend this winter season, and for good reason!

Switch Up Your Bedding

If you’ve slept with lighter bedding all spring and summer long, now’s the time to mix it up.  A big fluffy comforter will keep you warm at night – but might make it impossible to get up in the morning.  With looks similar to this bedding design, how could we not spend all day in bed?


And lastly, many of these apartment winter trends tie into one major theme: layering.  Layering pillows, with blankets, with more pillows is the way to make a new apartment incredibly warm and cozy this season!

Spotlight On: Education in Manassas (Part I)

When deciding between homes, a major factor for some families are the condition and caliber of schools in the area. However, this is not an issue for residents of Arcadia Run as the development is located in Manassas, VA—a city in the Brentsville School District which is part of the Prince William County School (PWCS) System. In addition to the local public school offerings, Manassas is also home to a number of private institutions. 

Prince William County was recently named one of the Nation’s 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance. This title was awarded to Prince William County as it offers a wide array of educational options ranging from preschool and kindergarden, to high school and college.

The Prince William County School System educates 83,802 students annually in 93 locations across the county. Though the county is rather large, all 10 of PWCS’s high schools continue to be ranked in the top 7% of 27,000 high schools nationwide according to Newsweek and The Washington Post. Each PWCS high school offers specialty programs that are open to students across the county, regardless of their district. PWCS have received the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence three years in a row, in addition to 40 of their schools named Schools of Excellence and leading the nation in the implementation and use of technology in schools—receiving a top-ten ranking for four years in a row. A number of individuals on the PWCS staff have been awarded a number of honors including a principle who received The Washington Post 2013 Distingushed Educational Leadership Award and a teacher who received The Washington Post 2013 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award.

In addition to the aforementioned academic awards, 66 PWCS have earned the Governor’s Award for Nutrition and Fitness in 2012. This award honors and rewards schools that encourage healthy habits and implement best practices in physical activity, nutrition and overall health. Through promoting student health by encouraging healthy habits and providing healthy breakfast, lunch and vending machine options in schools. PWCS creates healthy environments in their schools and educates their students on the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle—essential life skills for any successful student.

Not only does Prince William County have award-winning public schools, but it is also home to 49 private schools with over 5,000 enrolled students. Of these 49 Prince William County private schools, 49% of them are religiously affiliated. According to Northern Virginia Magazine, The Top Private Elementary Schools in Manassas include two Christian schools—Emmanuel Christian School and Manassas Christian School and All Saints Catholic School. One of All Saints Catholic School’s teachers recently received the 2014 “Distinguished Leader Award” from the National Catholic Education Association, and in 2010 was recognize as a top school in the state of Virginia by the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.

The high caliber of education offered in Prince William County is just one more reason why choosing a new apartment home at Arcadia Run has been the clear choice for so many families. Check out Arcadia Run’s apartment listings today!