Which Apartment Floor Plan Is Perfect For You?

floor plan

Choosing the perfect apartment home community was easy with all of the features and amenities here at Arcadia Run in Manassas, VA. Now, it’s time to decide which of our seven different floor plan options will work best for you! Before you make an appointment with our wonderful leasing team to find your perfect floor plan, there are some factors that you should evaluate about your lifestyle and needs.

How much furniture do you have?

With seven different 1 or 2-bedroom apartment floor plans to choose from, each choice will provide a different amount of living space. If you are bringing along furniture from your previous apartment home, consider how much room you will need to fit it all and if you’re willing to sell some, or if you’re going to buy new furniture.

How many bedrooms will you need?

This question may seem obvious, but is an important question to ask. If you are moving to Arcadia Run by yourself, do you want to search for a roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment or are you looking to live by yourself? There are benefits to both options but you just have to find the right answer for you!

Do you need a space at home to work?

It is not easy to live in an apartment home with other people while trying to get work done if you are studying for school or work a full-time job from home. Arcadia Run offers some floor plans with a den added on, in addition to the standard living area.

What are your storage needs?

Every apartment home at Arcadia Run has multiple closets for ample storage space, but depending on your needs, you may want to consider a larger floor plan. It’s easy to store your wardrobe, linens, pantry items, and kitchenware, but if you have large items like extra furniture, sports equipment, etc., you may need to consider a larger plan that will have one or two more closets.

Do you entertain often?

No matter how many bedrooms you may need in your home, the kitchen and living area are where you will entertain family, friends, neighbors and other guests. Consider looking at the square footage in each available plan, and if you entertain often, you may want something larger than what you originally thought.

What does your budget look like?

If you have a range for your budget, use the importance of other factors to determine which floor plan is right for you! At Arcadia Run, there are apartment homes in a wide range of pricing to fit budgets of any size.

Every apartment home at Arcadia Run includes luxury apartment features, storage space, and modern layouts so you won’t have to sacrifice all of the high-end finishes that you want in your dream apartment. Visit arcadiarun.com for information on how you can rent a brand new apartment home today!