Staying Organized in Your Apartment

While spring-cleaning is meant to be refreshing, relaxing, and ultimately prepare you for the warmer months, the process can leave your apartment in disarray.  And that’s okay!  This is the perfect time to reset and restructure the way you organize your new luxury apartment – or for some, start organizing all together!

Here are a few of our best tips to help you get and stay tidy this spring season:

What Do You Really Need?

It might be difficult, but the first thing you can do to cut back on clutter is to determine what you really need and what’s less-than-critical.  How often do you use that Belgium waffle maker?  Or those slippers you’ve worn once?  Items like these, while tempting, can stack up quickly and take up valuable space in your apartment.

One for One

Getting something new?  Get rid of something old first.  This will keep clutter in check and prevent you from having multiple variations of the same item.  And, it gives you an opportunity to let go of a few items that have been collecting dust.  If you haven’t used it in over a year, it might be time to get rid of it!

Invest in Storage Materials

Why not splurge and buy a few quality storage items?  They’ll last longer and are typically more appealing than their discounted counterparts.  This will allow you to use them without shame in your living room or bathroom, and enjoy them for years to come.  Anything from cubbies to decorative storage bins and boxes are great choices for an apartment.

Designated Spaces

Have a designated space, bowl, shelf or hook for everything you can think of.  A special place to put mail, your keys, or even a basket to put shoes in by the front door will all aid in keeping the clutter to a minimum.  It will also be easy for everyone in the household to adhere to, keeping your new apartment tidy, even with guests.

Daily Maintenance

And of course, no space will stay organized for long without regular upkeep! Utilizing your new organizational techniques on a daily basis will help to keep your entire apartment tidy.  All it takes is a little effort every day to keep your space clean, comfortable and organized!

And there you have it!  Organization in an apartment is made easy with just a few simple techniques.  But best of all, it’s made even easier at Arcadia Run.  Our floor plans expertly utilize space, creating roomy and open apartments – making organization that much simpler!