Renting – The New American Dream?

Years ago, the American Dream included owning a house in the suburbs, among other old-school ideals. However through unstable markets and changing mindsets, the dream has transformed into something new. The new American Dream includes renting, urban living, and revolves around consumer convenience.

Even though many people can afford to buy a house, they are opting to rent their homes instead. Residents can avoid costs for maintenance, homeowner’s taxes, and other housing burdens by renting. Many apartment complexes, Arcadia Run included, take care of maintenance costs for you, making your living experience that much better.

This allows tenants to spend their extra money elsewhere.  They can save up for a new car or put more money away for savings.  Rent is also typically cheaper than mortgage payments, allowing residents to save even more money. Many homeowners will put any extra cash they have straight back into their home.  But with how the housing market has been in the past, if they lose the house, they’ll also lose all the money and hard work they invested into it.

With renting comes the security and reassurance that you won’t be losing your house or be drowning in mortgage payments.  More and more people are seeing this lifestyle as more desirable (who wouldn’t?) than going through the process of owning a home.  Not to mention, more people want to live in environments where they are close to everything they need.  When buried in the suburbs, homeowners have to drive to virtually everywhere they go.  Renting in Arcadia Run allows tenants to walk to many places like the gym and other apartment amenities.  It’s also close to downtown historic Manassas, a huge venue for fun and activities.

Renting allows residents to live the American Dream to the fullest, without worrying about mortgages, interest rates, or even foreclosures.  And, it helps them to pocket the extra money they save, allowing them to splurge on themselves and their families more often.  The American Dream isn’t gone; it has only changed to become more relevant and universally accepted today. Arcadia Run apartments make it easy to choose this lifestyle over any other.  Our residents are active, living life to the fullest, and achieving the American Dream every day.