Quiz: What Is Your Apartment Style?

When you move into your new apartment home at Arcadia Run  what do you picture it looking like? Take the quiz below to find out what your apartment style is!


1. What would your coffee table look like?

A.     An antique wooden table painted white

B.     Metal frame with a glass surface

C.     The funkiest color and shape I can find

D.    Natural wood

2. What TV show are you most likely to watch in your apartment?

A.     Grey’s Anatomy

B.     Entourage

C.     Game of Thrones

D.    Narcos 

3. What would you most like to hang on your wall?

A.     A framed piece of art 

B.     Abstract or sculptural pieces

C.     A variety of different things 

D.    A tapestry or string lights


4. What excites you the most about Arcadia Run?

A.     The pool, fitness center, and outdoor space at the Clubhouse

B.     The media center and theatre in the Clubhouse

C.     Proximity to downtown Manassas – the place for food & shopping

D.    Proximity to Jiffy Lube Live – the place for outdoor concerts

5. What does your bed/bedding look like?

A.     A large headboard with a 15-piece bedding set

B.     A boxy frame with simple bedding

C.     My bedding is a variety of colors

D.    My bed is on the floor (or close to it) with neutral bedding

6. What would your welcome mat look like?

A.     It says, “Welcome”

B.     It’s just plain black

C.     It is a colorful print

D.    It’s made of all natural materials 

7. What feature attracts you most to an Arcadia Run apartment?

A.     Luxury apartment features

B.     Modern kitchen finishes

C.     Lots of Storage Space

D.    Balcony or patio

Mostly A’s – Your apartment style is Traditional: You stick with what you know and like traditional décor and features.

Mostly B’s – Your apartment style is Modern: The more geometric and technologically advanced, the better!

Mostly C’s – Your apartment style is Eclectic: You love to collect anything and everything that catches your eye creating a mix of cultural décor.

Mostly D’s – Your apartment style is Boho: A modern day hippie, you connect best with music and nature, which your apartment style reflects.