Make Splitting Apartment Expenses a Breeze!

If you have ever shared an apartment with someone else, you know that money can be a sore subject, especially when arguments arise. Roommate horror stories can be a thing of the past if you take the necessary steps to agree and communicate about splitting apartment expenses!

Agree before signing

Before signing the lease with your roommate(s), discuss how your apartment expenses will be split. Will you each pay the same in rent, or different amounts depending on room size? Who will be in charge of collecting money for rent, utilities, and other things? Figuring these things out from the get-go will make it easier in the long run.

Don’t split large items

Splitting the cost of your furniture or coffee maker might seem like a good idea at the time, but when you move out, ownership of certain items can get tricky. Opt to each purchase one or two larger items that are close in cost so that when you move out of your apartment home, there is no debating who will take what.

Communicate directly

If paying for things equally causes tension in your apartment home, communication is key. Although it may feel awkward, the best way to confront a tricky situation is to talk about it, in person. Skip the passive aggressive sticky notes and address issues directly – it will create fewer misunderstandings and get things done quicker.

Divide the responsibilities

Instead of putting all of the pressure on one person in the apartment to send in the rent, utility bill, etc., divide up the responsibilities. Having these responsibilities spread evenly amongst roommates will also even up the accountability to better ensure everything is paid on time.

Utilize tools and Apps

There are plenty of free websites and phone apps today that will connect directly to your bank account and makes splitting expenses very easy and quick! Download Venmo or Splitwise for your smart phone to instantly charge or pay your roommates for everything from bills to groceries.

We hope all of these tips make splitting your apartment expenses at Arcadia Run a breeze! For more information on how you can lease a brand new apartment home at Arcadia Run right now, visit!