The Benefits of Renting

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Whether to rent or buy a home has been a highly debated topic in 2013. While many economists are claiming that this is the perfect time to buy a house, this might not be the smartest option for some. Aside from being considerably cheaper than buying, here are a few advantages to renting your apartment, and why Arcadia Run could be perfect for you:
Nicer Features

Arcadia Run apartment homes are some of the nicest in the area. Each apartment features a spacious finished kitchen with granite countertops and brand new cabinets, extended windows, and incredible nine-foot ceilings. Select apartments even have walk-in closets.

Better Amenities

Having access to nice amenities is a wonderful perk to living in an apartment community. Arcadia Run will soon have a fitness center, a playground, ball courts, a jogging trail, and a resort-style swimming pool – all for the convenience of their residents.

Ideal Location

The Washington Metro area is one of the best places to live. You get all of the great aspects D.C. has to offer, without actually living in D.C. In Manassas, not only is there easy access to the Capital, but there are also plenty of things to do in town. Arcadia Run residents have multiple dining, recreation, shopping, and entertainment options right in their own back yard.

No Repair Bills/Maintenance Costs

Maintaining an entire house can be costly. Homes are only getting bigger and repairs can be a huge unexpected expense. When renting, all repair bills and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the landlord, allowing you to spend your extra money elsewhere.

Lower Utility Costs

Arcadia Run apartments are roomy and spacious, but they’ll still have considerably lower utility costs compared to a two-story house. This is another excessive expense that residents can avoid by renting.


Renting an apartment gives you flexibility that you won’t find when buying a house. Whether you decide to expand your family or are looking to downsize, renting allows you to change your living accommodations accordingly. Arcadia Run offers many different style apartments, certain to have something that’s perfect for everyone.

Renting a luxury Arcadia Run apartment is the absolute best option for renters in the D.C. Metro area. With an array of different floor plans, everyone is bound to find something that fits. You won’t find these convenient and modern apartment homes matched by anyone else. For more information on the Arcadia Run apartment homes, visit