Get A Taste of New Orleans at Okra’s Cajun Creole!

Whether you’re craving some hearty, Southern comfort food or are just looking for a new place to grab a meal in Manassas, look no further than Okra’s Cajun Creole.

This casual restaurant, located at the corner of Center and Battle Streets, has gone beyond simply serving up hearty and flavorful Cajun food, it’s a true Manassas community fixture.

Okra's Exterior
Image: Yelp

Okra’s first came to Manassas in 1998 with humble beginnings. A small restaurant that hoped to bring New Orleans to Northern Virginia quickly drew the vibrance of Louisiana and Mardis Gras to Manassas! Okra’s hosts a Mardis Gras parade in Manassas yearly, that includes marching bands, bright costumes, Nawlins music and tons of Cajun food. Okra’s has brought a few other Louisiana traditions up to Manassas as well, including crawfish boils and smaller festivals for the community.

Since Okra’s start in Manassas, it’s grown to become a large staffed restaurant, but it continues to serve community members with the same inviting and warm atmosphere it had 15 years ago.

And it’s that atmosphere will make you nostalgic for New Orleans – whether you’ve been before or not. Jazz music plays throughout the restaurant and the decor is as colorful and eclectic as what you’d find in the South. Sip on an Abita beer – a Louisiana favorite that is always on draft at Okra’s –  and get transported to New Orleans. The bar atmosphere at Okra’s is consistently complimented for its welcoming feel, variety of Louisiana drinks and creative bartenders.

But of course, Okra’s is most memorable for its incredible Cajun food.

Okra's Cooking
Image: Okra’s

The food at Okra’s is totally fresh and made based on what’s best that season. In fact, Okra’s redoes its menu every season to include only the freshest ingredients. Our favorite dishes are the crawfish and the fried oysters, two Louisiana staples that Okra’s has truly mastered. Grab a side of their flavorful corn bread and you’ll be drowning in delicious food! The fried oyster po’ boys are also a great way to maximize your New Orleans experience at Okra’s.

Oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget to try the gator bites.

Come to Okra’s during Mardi Gras and the restaurant has even more specials and offerings than usual. From a traditional Nawlins “King Cake” to the beads and music, you’ll feel as though you’re in Louisiana! And since it’s located so close to Arcadia Run, New Orleans never feels too far from home.

Head over to Okra’s for an Abita and appetizer at Happy Hour or bring friends and dive into their varied and tempting menu for dinner. Between the atmosphere and food, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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