End of Summer Storage Solutions

Summertime sadness is slowing creeping up on us: the time when we have to pack away the beach chairs and say goodbye to our white jeans after Labor Day. While no one likes seeing summer come to a close, it’s better to get ahead of the game when it comes to putting away all of your summer items. Shoving all of your beach towels in the closet (we know it crossed your mind) can seem like an easy fix, but it will be better in the long run if you take the time to properly store everything youyou’re your family have used this summer. Check out some of our ideas on how to best organize seasonal summer items!


Beach/Pool Towels

Have you somehow ended up with more towels than you started with at the summer? Maybe friends left them at your place after a day at the Arcadia Run pool, but regardless, towels are definitely storage space-eaters. Wash all pool towels one more time, and find a space to stack them in a closer or drawer. If you have more than you know what to do with, put one in your car that can double as a blanket or seat cover. In a pinch, beach towels can also be used as extra towels for guests.


Beach/Pool Toys

A summer spent on a raft in the pool is a summer well spent! Whether the kids swim noodles and floaties scattered throughout your apartment, or that giant swan you posted photos of all summer long is sitting in your living room, it will soon be time to put them away. Any rafts or floats that are in good condition can be deflated and then folded up to store away. If any toys or floats are looking worse for the wear and can be easily replaced next summer, toss them.



Packing your bag for the beach or pool at the beginning of the summer is way more exciting than emptying it when the season is over. Toss any trash that accumulated in your bag, and clean it out as best you can. Save any full sunscreen bottles that you can keep using and store them with your toiletries. If you can’t bear to be parted just yet with your beach bag, use it as a grocery bag, or for carrying items to your car.


Summer Clothes

Before you know it, it will be time to make room again for your fall clothes. If you have kids, go through all of their summer clothes and see which ones they’ll be able to wear again next summer, and which ones they’ll have outgrown. Donate any clothes they won’t be wearing again, and pack away the others. Tip: be sure to label any bins or boxes you put away. This will make things easy to find next summer, and ensure you won’t be pulling out winter scarves and hats when you’re looking for bathing suits!

The end of summer doesn’t mean the fun has to stop at Arcadia Run! Check out all of our wonderful amenities and apartment plans at www.arcadiarun.com.