Apartment Construction Has One of Fastest Recoveries

According to IBISWorld, apartment construction in the United States has experienced one of the fastest recoveries within all residential construction industries. Economists are pointing to a decrease in vacancy rates and reasonable rent prices to have contributed to the growth in the multifamily sector.

Industry revenue is expected to have grown at an average rate of 6.9 percent through 2013. Looking forward to 2018, this pace may slow slightly, but still remain on track for a healthy recovery. “Industry revenue is anticipated to increase during this period,” says IBISWorld Industry Analyst Omar Khedr. “Continued migration of the US population toward metropolitan areas will still generate strong demand for industry services.”

The apartment industry seems to benefit from all types of fluctuations in the housing market. When the housing crisis was at its peak just a few years ago, more people chose to rent to avoid the downfalls of homeownership. Now that the overall economy is doing better and improving by the day, the apartment market is also benefitting from a stronger economy!

Arcadia Run is a wonderful example of the growth in the industry, as well as the types of apartment communities that people want to live in. Extensive amenities and an ideal location are only a fraction of the many great things that make Arcadia Run amazing. Our apartments define luxury with 9-foot ceilings, extended windows, new granite countertops, and vinyl flooring. You might not find these features and finishes in any other apartment complex!

But Arcadia Run provides more than luxury apartments – it provides a community, something not typical with new developments. Arcadia Run residents gather together for events like the Fall Festival and the recent Winter Holiday Party. With the future completion of the clubhouse, fitness center and swimming pool, residents will have even more fun activities and events to partake in.

As the economy improves, and the effects are felt throughout the apartment industry, 2014 is a great year to rent a luxury apartment in Arcadia Run!

Source: PRWeb