6 Ways to Beat the End of Summer Heat at Arcadia Run

Everyone know that August and early September can get super hot, especially here in Manassas, VA! We have some great tips on how to beat the heat for the last few weeks of the summer at Arcadia Run!

Outside your apartment

  •  Take a dip in the pool: Our brand new resort style pool is perfect for cooling off! You can swim some laps, dip your feet in, or float around on a raft. No matter what you prefer, our pool is going to be a refreshing escape from the heat.
  • Go for a hike: Virginia includes some of the most diverse landscapes, from farms to mountains and beaches. Convenient for Arcadia Run residents, Hemlock Overlook Regional Parkis located right here in Manassas! It’s a great place to take a hike through the shade of a forest and discover some of Virginia’s beautiful nature trails.
  • Watch a movie: Luckily for Arcadia Run residents, we have a brand new theater room in our clubhouse! Grab a group of friends and chill out in the clubhouse as you lounge and watch your favorite flick.

Inside your apartment

  • Block sunny windows: If staying inside is more your thing to do to avoid the swelter outside, block the sunlight from coming in with curtains or blinds. This will keep your new apartment home nice and cool.
  • Limit oven use: Although our new apartments here at Arcadia Run are equipped with state of the art kitchen appliances, oven use in any home will contribute to heat. Eat more fresh foods while it’s hot out, like a nice summer salad or sushi, so you’re not cooking (food or yourself) in the heat.
  • Buy indoor plants: The energy plants need to survive is from sunlight and water, but they also keep the air around themselves cool. The air around plants is cooler because instead of reflecting the energy (heat) in the air, they absorb it.

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