6 Need-to-Know Tips to Make Your Guests Feel at Home


Summer is here and chances are that friends and family will want to come visit you at your new apartment home at Arcadia Run! Although the apartment homes here are very spacious, the reality is that you probably don’t have a spare guest room for weekend visitors to claim. Thanks to one of our favorite apartment lifestyle sites, Apartment Therapy, we have collected some of the best tips for hosting guests in your apartment home!

Tip #1: Give them a spot for their luggage

Sometimes it can be a bit awkward having your guest’s belongings scattered throughout the apartment while they are visiting. You can eliminate this by giving them a space, such as a closet or dresser, which can be just theirs while they are staying at your place. At Arcadia Run, it will be easy to find a space with the plenty closets and storage in each apartment home.

Tip #2: Supply some necessities

Since guests will most likely be sleeping in a common room of your apartment home, make it feel more like a bedroom by putting a table tray where an end table would normally be. Fill this tray with things like water, a candle, tissues, alarm clock, and even a pair of socks in case they get chilly. Your guests will appreciate that you thought of everything they would grab for the moment they wake up in the morning.

Tip #3: Plan ahead

It is always a good idea to plan activities and meals ahead of time so that you are prepared when your guests arrive. The entire visit will be more relaxing for you and your guests, and they will appreciate your effort for making them feel so welcomed into your home!

Tip #4: Stock your home

Because your guests won’t have a ton of space to themselves, you can make up for this with proper supplies. When we say “supplies” we don’t mean toilet paper. We are talking about the good stuff, like snacks, drinks, movies, and games. This will give you and your guests a lot to do and you will spend less time running errands and more time enjoying each other’s company.

Tip #5: Buy a quality guest bed

If you plan to host guests frequently at your apartment home, it may be wise to invest in a great guest bed. We suggest taking a look at buying a nice sleeper sofa or a high quality air mattress. With guest beds like these, you won’t have to struggle with the idea of giving up your own comfy bed for the couch!

Tip #6: Let them help you

Often times, guests will offer to help you cook or clean and you may be tempted to say “No thanks, I got this.” The truth is, if you let your guests pitch in with some of the daily chores, it can be a great time for bonding and they will probably feel better that you are willing to include them in whatever it is you are doing; even if it requires some elbow grease. Plus – everything will get done that much faster!

With a little bit of planning and thoughtfulness, hosting guests at your apartment home will be a breeze. With all of the great amenities and things to do here at Arcadia Run, there won’t be a shortage of activities! To schedule your tour of our amazing community, visit arcadiarun.com.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com