4 Quick Apartment Kitchen Makeover Ideas

We love our kitchens at Arcadia Run and know you do too! However, kitchens can sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to decorating. There are some simple ways to makeover your kitchen without spending tons of money, and can also be done in a short amount of time. Check out some of our favorite ideas for making over your Arcadia Run kitchen!

  1. First things first

Before you do anything, the best place to start is by organizing your kitchen. Everyone has that drawer or cupboard that is overflowing with extra plastic containers, bags, and random items. Try to match up as many containers as possible and stack them up according to size, this way they won’t come tumbling out the next time you open a cabinet! Toss or recycle any miscellaneous items that are taking up space, or ask friends if they need any extras of items you may have. Clear off your countertops by storing larger items in our plentiful cabinet or closet space.

  1. Small touches

Just like you would use a cute throw pillow in your living room or bedroom, you can add similar décor accents to your kitchen! Use brightly colored dishtowels that correspond to the season or holiday, or even ones with funny sayings. You can find inexpensive, yet cute, dishtowels at any home goods store. If you enjoy entertaining, keep a few stacks of witty cocktail napkins on hand or wine glass charms to tell your wine glasses apart.

  1. Photos

Don’t limit yourself to having photos of loved ones just in other parts of your Arcadia Run apartment home. If you have kids, let them put their favorite photos or drawings on the fridge, and make an effort to rotate them every so often. For a more sophisticated look, frame a few photos and hang them on the backsplash space.

  1. DIY

If you’re craving a Pinterest worthy kitchen that will look great on Instagram, work on some small crafts for your kitchen! Use different sized mason jars for utensils that you can grab quickly, such as spatulas or whisks. If you’re really feeling creative, get a small chalkboard and chalk to write up a menu for when you host friends! It’s also a great item for entertaining kids (or adults) while you’re cooking.

Because the kitchen is at the center of any home, it’s important to feel comfortable and love your kitchen at your Arcadia Run apartment home. For more information about becoming a part of the Arcadia Run community, visit us online.